“After much contemplation, I decided to get help with staging my home for sale…when Lynn and Heidi came to my home they made me feel very comfortable and they gave me great advice to maximize the space in my home. They also helped me find a color to paint the house and gave me tips on decorating. After they left, I felt more confident with my decision to hire a professional stager and I realized that it was a great investment. I would definitely recommend these ladies!”

~ Torrie Spiller-Woolridge

“After recently downsizing, Lynn came in and rearranged furniture for me. I really like what she did and now the seating area is so much more conversational. I do not come in the front door anymore and have to look at my desk and all of the papers. I am so happy I have moved!”

~ A. Williams

“I was selling my condo & needed help. Lynn came in with a big smile & helped me clear all the clutter from my home, organized my closets, & helped me to discard things I no longer needed…..moved some of my furniture & told me what to remove to make it look better for the sale…. I put a sign in my window & had a buyer the next day. Then she brought boxes & did most of my packing. She was at the new house on moving day to tell the movers where to put my furniture. She came back later that day to help me get settled in. I couldn’t have moved without her.Her service was invaluable.”

~ Gail

“In today’s market with so many properties vying for the few buyers, each property must be at its best. Owners are too close and too emotionally involved. Agents are not talented or don’t want to annoy their clients. There needs to be an objective non-emotional look at the house. These are the people you want, they have a keen eye for details, good judgment and are able to tell sellers what needs to be done to “stage” the house. I have all my listings staged these days. These ladies are a must!” 

~ Betsey Vaughan, Semonin Realtors

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lynn Medeiros for several days. She was highly recommended to me, and I in turn, would highly recommend her services to anyone. Lynn is thorough, thoughtful, very professional, and she encourages you to organize in a manner that fits your household. She has a good eye and excellent suggestions to guide you through and away from your clutter. Using her company was one of the best investments for my time and money!” 

~ Suzanne E. Doughert

“Thank you so much for helping me get organized in my new home. I did not know where to begin or what products to buy to make my hectic life run smoother. Even the kids and my husband have noticed the changes and are helping keep things neat. I will definitely recommend you to my clients, family and friends. Thanks again,” 

-Julie, Realtor

“My experience with LM HomeServices was perfect. They came into my home office and had me completely rearranged and organized in one single day. Their skills helped me separate and organize multiple areas I use daily. Since their visit I have been more productive and less stressed. I know where things are and where to put it back.  Everything has a place. No more STACKS!”

~ Thanks so much, Michelle

“Wow! Why didn’t I do this 30 years ago??? My house and life is now simplified and cleaned up. Now when I need to I can usually locate an item within 5 minutes and I end up putting it back in its proper place, thanks to Lynn. I now use things that I already have instead of buying more because I can find them.” 


“We already had purchased a new home, so we wanted to sell ours very fast. The recommendations and changes LM Home Services made helped us sell our home in the first week on the market and after only one Open House!Thanks Lynn.” 

Karen R.N.

” I am grateful for the advice Lynn gave me on staging my house. Ten days after her visit, I got an offer on my house. My realtor was quite impressed with the changes and asked for her card so that he could share it with other clients of his who are having trouble moving their house. Her idea to dissemble a large bunk bed that took up a majority of the room and turn it into a sitting room was brilliant. It really transformed the house as did some of the other tips. I am still amazed as to how beautifully the house was transformed with just a few changes.” 

Angel Rogers

 Lynn Medeiros has helped me to get organized on four separate occasions. She was fabulous! She made my life so much easier afterwards. I will continue to use her to help me to stay organized. I very highly recommend her.” 

MD King

” Lynn helped me turn an un-used/problem space into “my room” where I can finally store and do all the things I like to do! She knew the right questions to ask to organize the room with what it needed to function. She has a great eye for what looks good in a space, which was important to me since this room is visible from my living room and kitchen. I wish I had done this long ago. It was so quick and easy compared to the time I have spent trying to make it work and look good by myself. Thank you so much Lynn!” 

-Charlotte Haffermann

“Lynn has organized my home office so that I can find what I need quickly and easily. My closets have never been so organized with methods compatible with my style. I am no longer wasting time looking for lost items. Lynn is my organizer Angel!” 

~ Ellen