Our Move Organizing Team will guide you through the process from being ‘overwhelmed’ to ‘confident and comfortable’ about your next move!

We create customized moving plans and manage the move from start to finish while keeping the emotional and physical needs of our client as our highest priority.

Services Available:

    • • Creating a customized relocation plan
    • • De-cluttering, sorting and organizing
    • • Prioritizing items for storage/packing
    • • Arranging sale or removal of unwanted belongings
    • • Staging your home for a faster sale.
    • • Creating a customized space plan
    • • Coordinating moving day activities
      • • Unpacking and organizing your new space
      • Arranging furniture and accessories

“In the last 8 years, we have moved 6 times….previously, four people assisted in the unpacking for 4 days. Melanie & Lynn accomplished this huge task with less staff in less time. My experience with Melanie and Lynn was unparalleled…they presented great ideas, thoughts, were incredibly organized throughout the process, very efficient, and their creative suggestions were SO helpful.”

~ Many thanks, Beth

“Lynn & Melanie were wonderful! They came in full of energy and ideas on the day after our moving truck unloaded our furniture and boxes. I was so impressed with how quickly

~ Tom R.